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You are now in the download section for project LR2052, which is dedicated to perfectly printable storage boxes. For an in-depth overview and details about this project, have a look at the documentation.

In the folders below, you'll discover all the model files, neatly categorized by series. Additionally, I provide packages for downloading either the entire set or specific series.

Even though you're not currently logged in, you can still browse and view all the available models. However, the models marked with a lock symbol are premium and require a purchase. If you've already bought the model files, kindly log in. If you're interested in purchasing the full set, feel free to visit the shop.
Arrangement of storage boxes


Name Description
Archive Archive with old revisions of the models.
Catalogs All PDF catalogs for all series in one place.
In-Review New unreleased model files that are currently in review.
Models The latest individual model files.
Packages ZIP packages containing entire series or specific types of files.


Name Size
How to Maintain a Local Copy.pdf Paid 30.25 KB

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